lazy day pancakes

This weekend's To Do List was pretty laid back. All we wanted to do was sleep in, take our time grocery shopping and doing laundry, and take the pups out on a couple new trails. I have been practicing slowing down and not doing everything I am invited to for about a year now, and it's just now starting to feel okay. I still need to work on just saying no and not justifying it, but progress is being made. 


Okay, but for real. Not only is the above true, but I am also loving a little discipline with my workout regimen, along with our current morning chores.  I get it, chores are more fun when they aren't your day-to-day, and it's all new and stuff...BUT after a year of traveling, and bouncing from interest to interest, a little routine and discipline is proving to go a long ways. 

spring rolls [in the summer?]

I can't tell you how much more human I feel when I eat whole foods. Honestly, it's not even a body thing for me. I let go of "fitspo" motivation a looooong time ago, when I realized it didn't work for me. Then I got really into yoga and being in shape was just a side effect of doing something I loved at least once a day. Now, my body is softer - and I am okay with that - but eating shitty foods makes me feel shitty. Point blank. 

allergy remedy

If you read my previous blog at all, you know I have been in a constant state of...transition? Lots of change, lots of curiosity, lots of uncertainty. LOTS OF LESSONS. All of which I am extremely grateful for. I took a lot of time for myself. Organically, I am beginning to focus more on friends and family. 

i'm a mess

Just a normal day around here. Still dragging from the weekend, but I found a handful of things to be grateful for...and at the top of that list is OXICLEAN. Seriously. Nerding out over how this product never seems to fail me. 

beach day

Maybe I should say "lake day," but it felt more like a beach day to me. After we woke up and cleaned the patio, kitchen, and living room of all dinner party remnants, we loaded up the car and headed to Pathfinder Reservoir to soak up some sun and just...relax. 

garden party

We have made zero dollars worth of investments to the inside of our home. Zip. Zilch. Nada. BUT we have put time, money, and energy to the yard, and since it's summer, I am a-okay with those priorities. Considering this tilt in the favor of outdoor upkeep, when it was time to invite some of our new (and old) friends from Casper over for dinner, I decided it needed to be out back.