The Simple Things Blog is dedicated to finding excitement in every day life. More often than not, I make life more complicated than it needs to be. By weaving my gratitude journal with visual content, I hope to create a place that I can revisit anytime I need a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things. They truly add up!



In a world of extra, I'm finding my soul is more at ease when I keep things [ s i m p l e ] 

My name is Yuri, and I have 31 years of Colorado living under my belt. Even during a short stint in Mexico, followed but a trial run in Wyoming, this state has always been my home. I am so happy to have returned - and to have the love of my life and 2 rescue pups by my side.

This blog is my 2nd attempt at reconnecting with my creative side, and I hope to capture how beautiful the simple moments in life can be. Big events are worth noting, but so are the small daily occurrences. Whether I am in Mexico with a only a backpack to my name, or sitting on my couch at home drinking wine, I want to approach each moment from a paradigm of meaningfulness and acceptance.  

If it were up to me, I would keep this little electronic notebook private, as that's when my creativity flows more freely...but I think there is power in vulnerability, and I don't think hiding a passion serves anyone. Nevertheless, this space is what I need as it is my own. Blogging is something I truly enjoy, even if the sharing part feels scary. 

Through trial and error I have learned that when it comes to my sanity, nature cures all, family roots are important, surrender is vital, and change is painful but worth it. I am fascinated by other's life stories, and individuality is something I value over approval. Social media can be inspiring, but it can also be so, so limiting. I don't want The Simple Things Blog to be like other blogs, and I hope when you leave, you are inspired to find your own Simple Things to be grateful for, rather than strive for someone else's. 

When in doubt, keep it simple.