The Simple Things Blog is a personal reminder of all the small things that add up to a life well lived.



In a world of extra, I'm finding my soul is more at ease when I keep things [ s i m p l e ] 

A little bit about this tiny corner of the internet: I really love to blog … but it’s hard to nail down the right voice, and I get embarrassed pretty easily. It’s the whole reason I shut down my first blog. What once felt authentic, ended up making me feel ashamed and forceful. I’ll never know if anyone else felt it, but I sure did.

With TSTB, I honestly just want to have a domain that I can come back to and remember simple moments of my life. I have racked my brain for a way to blog and create content (because I love doing it) without succumbing to the very “blogger” things that I get annoyed with. An online journal seems to be just the ticket. Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets are not technically mine…and I want something that I, along with my possible future children and grandchildren, can come back to.

I don’t know the best way to decorate a living room on a budget, I can’t give anyone makeup advice, and I certainly won’t be posting #outfitsoftheday - but I have created a little life that I love, and I want to be able to look back on it.

When in doubt, keep it simple.