Reflecting on 2018

Reflecting on 2018

If I have learned ANYTHING over the last 3 years of sincerely surrendering, and trying to improve every aspect of my life, it is this:


I could go on, and on, and on. But this is a [ S I M P L E ] blog.

Suffice it to say, the seeds I planted years ago are finally beginning to bloom. This might be a very different garden than I had originally imagined in my head, but have you ever known God to work in any other way? I am humble enough to admit I do not always know what is best … but I am glad someone/something else out there sure seems to.

I acted big and made big moves, and I expected the rewards to immediately reflect that. They didn’t. It was hard. I have felt embarrassed, immature, selfish, and naive…the list could go on and on. However, I can now step back and realize that some things just don’t happen overnight - in fact, they may never materialize at all - but that does not mean any of it was a mistake. They are all little, tiny, seemingly inconsequential steps that have led me to an even better place than I could have ever planned myself.

So as I sit in our cabin, after the loss of my father, the loss of myself as I knew myself for years, and a severe loss of perceived control, I cannot convey enough how much I have truly gained through losing it all.

Forward we go…slowly. ;)

[ s i m p l e ] moments worth noting:

  • A solid, warm, restful night of sleep.

  • Running water (yes, we had to drill a new well this week…in the mountains…in December…)

  • Grilled cheese.

  • Puppy cuddles.

  • A new Sunday subscription to the Denver post.

Keep it simple,


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