3 day juice cleanse

3 day juice cleanse

Here is another smoothie/juice post, but I just can't help that I am the most grateful on days I treat my body well and I can't help that these are the ones friends ask me about the most. 

Before we get too deep into the weeds, let me preface by saying a juice cleanse is not a cure all. I don't view it as a way to make up for weeks on weeks of junk. But I do think that what it lacks in immediate physical results, it does make up for in a mental reset. This cleanse reminds me that it is not only possible, but satisfying, to eat well all day. It also reminds me that when I give my body veggies and fruit out the wahoo, my mood, energy, and general disposition always rise. 

Once again, I got the basis of this cleanse off of Pinterest, but I adjusted it to make it my own. I wanted to give myself the freedom to throw in a smoothie when I felt like it (which I did once) and I didn't want to cut out solid food completely. So I allowed myself chicken seasoned with salt, italian seasoning, and olive oil for dinner. I also wanted to make sure I was hydrating, so I drank a mug of green tea in the mornings, half my body weight in water throughout the day, and then a mug of chamomile before bed. 


I wasn't perfect. The first day I didn't drink all the water I wanted to. The second day I had the chicken for lunch instead of dinner, and the then at the VERY end of the cleanse, I had a really stressful day, and Chris was leaving for Telluride the next morning, so we had a bottle of wine and ice cream for dinner. 


My body kicked into I hate you mode the next day. I crashed. I crashed hard. I had made it the 72 hours with only minor speed bumps for maybe half an hour each day. I sailed through this cleanse. And the minute it was over, instead of easing my way back in, I just went all out and had ice cream for dinner. I was so sick the next day. I had a headache, no energy, and even my muscles were sore. 

So please learn from my mistake. Ease out of it. I tend to think I am immune to such consequences, and that was far from the reality. 

Overall, it was great though! I was reminded of how good I felt, I experienced more energy than I have had in weeks, and although I got hungry and a little headach-ey once or twice, it was nothing that lasted too long. Plus, I did notice that some of the bloat and extra weight I was carrying around my mid section went down a little, which is always a nice bonus. (But not a reason or expectation when doing a cleanse.)

Here are a few other things I was grateful for on the second day of the cleanse:

  • Sauna time at the gym. I was able to focus on my body, meditate, and pay attention to how I was feeling. 
  • The monster green juice that was actually really tasty. Something about drinking massive amounts of green juice out of an old pasta jar just really does it for me. 
  • Chris and I connecting in really deep ways. We had some really hard conversations that once again prove communication is the key for us to feel close to each other. I had been carrying around some weight I wasn't even aware of, and we were able to gently talk through it. Between that and other smaller conversations, we were feeling so close and connected. It just feels amazing when that happens. 
  • The puppies FINDING THEIR WAY HOME. Yep, I accidentally lost them. They usually stick around, and while washing the dishes I realized they were not in the yard. I asked the neighbors, I went down the street yelling for them. Then I went back in the house to get my phone, and the two little hooligans just come running in all tails and tongues just happy as clams. I don't know how far they got, but I was so thankful they knew how to get back home.

That oughta do it for this installment. In case you care, we use the same juicer I pictured in the infographic, and it is uh-mazing. It seems intimidating to clean but it's super simple, and does a heavy duty job for a minimal investment. I highly recommend. 

I also saved the veggie remnants and put it in ice cube trays as treats for the dogs. They LOVE them. But I don't give it to them inside, because beets (eye roll). I also am not sure if it's great for their stomachs...doing a little isolation test to see if it was those or the new dog food that upset Rico's stomach. So I'm holding off on recommending that until I am sure of the results ;)

Until next time, 

- Yuri



pineapple mango smoothie

pineapple mango smoothie