pineapple mango smoothie

pineapple mango smoothie

Pop some bubbly, mama just started a new blog!

I loved ACE, and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but as far as blogging felt too personal. I know everyone says to be "authentic" and "real," but I don't know, I think I can be authentic without oversharing - and I think I was oversharing. Plus, since I was so open, it left a lot of room for interpretation, and I don't like putting things out there that I can't explain further through conversation. 

It is in this spirit that I began this new blog. After realizing in the shower (the only time inspiration hits) that I needed to simplify, I realized that I am pretty good at keeping things simple already, and that I am also pretty good at finding things to be grateful for. So instead of pouring my heart out via journal, I decided to just take the snippets of my grateful moments I list every day, and turn one of them into a blog post, while listing the others as a reminder of the amazing things I have to be grateful for in all my days. 

One last note about ACE and this new little baby: I feel a little self conscious about just starting a new outlet. But what I am telling myself is this:

{It is okay to try something and then move on. It's okay to admit that it isn't serving you anymore and then try it another way. I like to blog, but that brand started feeling heavy and just...not right. So I'm going to try it another way. On to the next!}

And the next is today! The first thing I have in my journal from the day I am starting this routine is a Pineapple Mango Smoothie that I put on Instagram a week or so ago. I had a couple of friends reach out about the recipe, and in full disclosure, I took the basis of it from one of my favorite YouTube Channels Boho Beautiful.


I made it my own by using the things I had on hand, making it a bit simpler than they instructed. It was hearty, fruity, and Chris gave me the two thumbs up to make it again...and he doesn't usually prefer my fruit smoothies, as he thinks they are too sweet. (Like there is such a thing...)


  • a blender (we use the ninja, but a magic bullet is a solid choice as well)
  • 2 bananas 
  • 1 cup fresh pineapple (if you are intimidated by pineapple cutting, leave a comment below, and I can add a quick's super simple!)
  • coconut water or coconut milk
  • hemp hearts


  •    fresh mango (same as the pineapple, leave a comment for a quick trick to cutting mangos!)
  •    more of that fresh pineapple
  •    unsweetened granola (seriously, look at the BS that's in most bags...)

Some recipes say to use ice, and that's great, but I find this mixture to be on the thinner side already, due to the many juices from the pineapple mixing with the coconut water. So I skip out on the ice in an effort to keep it thick enough for the garnishments to sit on top.


Simply throw your bananas, pineapple, a dash of coconut water, and hemp hearts into the blender. 

*Quick note on hemp hearts: I have found personally, that it doesn't matter whether I use the shelled or unshelled version of hemp hearts. Now, I don't have a very developed palate per se, so you might feel otherwise. But if you are skipping out on this ingredient at the health food store because it's either too expensive, or confusing, just know that I went with the $2 bag of plain old Non GMO hemp seeds, and it tasted just fine. 

Blend it all up, adding more coconut water if it's too thick, and then move on to the garnishment phase. 

Chris and I save our pasta sauce jars for later use, and this is one example of when they come in super handy! I take an old pasta jar, layer some granola on the bottom, then some pineapple, then some mango, and then pour the smoothie over the top. Add another layer of granola, pineapple, and mango, and voila! Breakfast, lunch, or a snack. If I want a smaller portion size (this smoothie is really filling) then I will get fancy and use a stemless wine glass. 

I eat this baby with a I said, I try to keep it thicker. Plus, the pineapple can be pulpy, so I think it's better to eat versus drink. But that's just me!

Now, for the other 4 things I was grateful for on this particular day:

  • A long drive with a completely open road to be alone with my thoughts, and sing along to whatever radio station was available in Wyoming at the time. 
  • An unexpected upgrade from compact car to SUV for said long drive. 
  • A good friend's baby shower coming together after some bumps in the road the day before!
  • Extremely grateful, excited, and loving puppies jumping all over me when I got home. (heart explosion.)

Feel free to share your lists below. If we can start a train of gratitude, I think that could create some pretty badass positive vibes. 

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