This is one of those things that I know I should do more often, but I just don't for some reason. It's not fact, it's probably the most simple act I have put on here. It is literally just walking in the grass in your bare feet. That's it! 

I learned about grounding before I even started my yoga teach training, but it made a lot more sense from a spiritual standpoint after learning about the chakras in depth. Basically, going outside in your bare feet and standing with your feet on the earth is a great way to begin your day connected to nature, your surroundings, and your own body. 


From a scientific standpoint, it is said that the earth is charged with negative ions, and the world we live in today is full of positive ions. Think electricity, wifi, and wireless signals everywhere. Not to mention, we rarely connect to the earth. We always have rubber, cloth, or something in between us and the actual dirt, grass, sand, or leaves. 

Tying in with the root chakra, if we don't actually physically connect with nature, we have an unbalanced first chakra that can lead to an inability to be present, connect with earth - and even ourselves. 

Now, it's up to you whether you buy into the woo-woo stuff about chakras, and energy. And I haven't done enough research to even talk about negative ions and positive ions and if there is even truth to where you find them and how they affect you. But I DO know that it is never a bad thing to connect with nature, and it can't hurt to get out in the sunshine and get a little grass in your toes. 


I mean look at that. I am practically glowing! JK it's my bright pink Brooks hoodie. But we can go with the glowey thing too. 

So get outside and kick your shoes off! I do it all the time, I just need to be more mindful when I do. I'm thinking a little tea in the morning, now that it's summer, would be a nice little ritual. 

Other 4 things I am grateful for today:

  • Meditation, tea, and a little bit of prayer on my yoga mat this morning. 
  • Puppy feet pitter pattering around me during said meditation. 
  • Being able to sunbathe out on the patio with the pups during my work breaks. 
  • A gentle and forgiving boyfriend. I lost my SHIT on him tonight on his drive back from Telluride because he was late and in my terms "sketchy." And by God I REALLY thought I had a solid argument. Then I took a shower and looked at the email thread through fresh eyes and realized I am actually just off my rocker. I had nothing to be mad about. But he didn't get defensive, he just let me be crazy until I realized I needed to apologize on my own. A saint that man. 

There's my 5! I started this post in a pretty terrible mood, and now I'm smiling to myself. There might be something to this gratitude thing...

Until next time, 

- Yuri

basic b*$%h pallet decor

basic b*$%h pallet decor

3 day juice cleanse

3 day juice cleanse