garden party

garden party

We have made zero dollars worth of investments to the inside of our home. Zip. Zilch. Nada. BUT we have put time, money, and energy to the yard, and since it's summer, I am a-okay with those priorities. Considering this tilt in the favor of outdoor upkeep, when it was time to invite some of our new (and old) friends from Casper over for dinner, I decided it needed to be out back. 

We have a great patio that is just begging to have a table stretched out on top of it, a garden that is in full bloom, and what was once a puny little bush is now full, lush, and healthy. So I decided to have a little garden party! 

Now, I'm not trying to spend a bunch of money on one night, so I made sure that everything we bought could be re used. This ended up being a great idea, because I realized half way into buying things that Chris and I would have never bought these adult necessities for ourselves, so having people over finally pushed me over the edge on some items I have been putting off. 


We made the table out of pallets left behind Petco, threw a couple $3 Walmart table cloths over the top, and then topped that with a burlap runner I purchased from Amazon. I also got a couple fleece blankets to sit on, and used vases and candles from the dollar store. I also purchased all the dishes and glassware from the dollar store as well. We didn't have decanters, so we just poured wine into pitchers (which I actually loved) and filled an ice bucket with a bag of ice and $9 Gallo wine (our FAV cheap wine). I snipped some branches with berries from the neighbors bush, and used a cake stand I had purchased for a friend's baby shower for the crostinis. I threw some white lights on the bush, and hid a speaker in the corner. 

Then we put on some music and got to cookin'! I wanted something that tasted great, could feed 10 people, and wouldn't break the bank or my back. Pasta is always a winner for all of 4 of these, so Italian themed it was! 

Strawberry Basil Crostinis with goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. 


Caesar salad. 


Fettuccini withe butter, olive oil, mussels, and parmesan cheese. 


Classic Spaghetti and meatballs. (Chris did this one because his meatballs are so good...)

A few bottles of Pellegrino, and some gelato for dessert, and we had ourselves a beautiful night!


I will say, next time I would put a board over the top of the pallets...there were one or two spill that could have been avoided if we had done so. Also, I don't know how practical sitting on the ground is for grown men, but I think the food was good enough to counter that portion of the setup. 

Now we can bring the pallets inside and make them into a bed. Almost everything we bought will be reused, and after a trip to the dump to throw away some branches, I feel that is very important to me. Seriously, landfills are disgusting, and it reminded me to minimize my waste as much as possible. Small things. 

Of course, the dinner wasn't the only thing I was grateful for Saturday. Here are the others:

  • Morning giggles as Chris and I were waking up...we actually got to sleep in, and it was glorious. 
  • I had all my chores checked off the list before 10 AM. WIN. 
  • It rained all day, and I wasn't sure if we would even be able to eat outside, but this also meant we got to lay in bed with the windows open and smell the rain. Love. 
  • Candles and faux wool socks. Because rain. 

Such a great day with lots of laughs, games, and glasses of wine. 

Until next time, 

- Yuri

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