Okay, but for real. Not only is the above true, but I am also loving a little discipline with my workout regimen, along with our current morning chores.  I get it, chores are more fun when they aren't your day-to-day, and it's all new and stuff...BUT after a year of traveling, and bouncing from interest to interest, a little routine and discipline is proving to go a long ways. 

It's my firm belief (and the entire backbone of this blog) that how I handle life is all about my perspective, and a beautiful backdrop doesn't hurt either. 

TBH this property is amazing, so taking care of it with a positive perspective is pretty damn easy. 


  • Chris completed his first job with his first customer today! So exciting. He also came home all handsome and dirty in the truck. Triple grateful over here. 
  • I didn't eff up bringing the horses in tonight toooooo bad. Was it awkward? No doubt. But everyone got where they needed to go and slept safe and sound. Mission accomplished. 
  • I worked out at lunch. I did the whole session, and didn't bitch out. Now I am dead.
  • My job! I can't say how grateful I am to be able to wore remotely. Big goals for this month. Big goals. 
  • Yummy real food. Can't tell ya what a difference it makes in this old bod pod. 

Keep it simple, 

- yuri

hello colorado

hello colorado