walk before you fly...and crawl before you walk

walk before you fly...and crawl before you walk

This is something I am working on in every aspect of my life: stop looking for the quick fix; stop trying to get to the finish line before I have started the race; take care of what I have in front of me before I expect the next thing to be my cure all.

When I say every area of my life, I mean it!

  • Beauty: I cancelled a botox appointment recently. Not because I didn’t have the money, not because I don’t believe in injectables, but because my mother’s voice kept ringing in my ears “Once you prove you can take care of your belongings, I’ll see that you’re grown up enough to get your ears pierced.” Context: I wanted my ears pierced SO BAD, but she made me make my bed, keep my room clean, and adhere to some sort of routine before I was “adult” enough to wear jewelry. Bravo mom. You see, at this point, I’m not even washing my face every day. I don’t drink enough water. I don’t moisturize. Once I start doing the basics, I’ll start spending money on the quick fix…but I am not going to hit the 4X button on the skincare remote control. First things first. (And by the way, this little trick of withholding a treat is working. I have been taking MUCH better care of my skin…because I want that Botox carrot.)

  • Physical Wellness: I didn’t run a marathon but just deciding I was going to do it one day. I didn’t become yoga certified the first time I tried. Both of these came with dipping my toe in the pool and then gradually getting there. I’m the heaviest I have been in a while, but I know something will pique my interest and I’ll dive in again. In the meantime, I’m not beating myself up :) A little movement a day for now, and then I will build off of that. No pressure.

  • Emotional Wellness: This one is tricky. Is there ever a destination for this one, or is it just the journey? Either way, small steps here are seeing my therapist again, reading good books, meditating, and I am going to try CBD to calm my nerves as well. Point is, there isn’t one solution…it’s just a constant openness to try whatever works for the moment I am in right now.

  • Food and Nutrition: I like to keep this simple always. No new news here.

  • Finances: Nowhere in my life is walking before flying more prominent than here. I had to start small. Like super small. Now it’s more like pay off all debt, then save, then purchase a home. It all starts from itty bitty steps one day at a time. (Like learning to say no - that’s a good first step in my book.)

  • Relationships: We all know we can’t be everything to everyone. One friend, one coffee date and happy hour at a time. I thought I’d come back and it would be like nothing changed. Nope. It takes small moments of rebuilding. But if you’re in it for the long haul, that’s not so bad.

  • Home: Like finances, this is a very clear portion of my life where doing what I can with what I have is very important. Do I think we will be in our dream home someday? Absolutely. But for now, my budget is more important, and that means some extra cleaning and creative problem solving in our one bedroom cabin. I’m actually really okay with that. If I do something amazing with this place, imagine what I can do with a newer, fancier abode.

Pretty much the works! It’s not easy, but I know it helps with my day to day perspective while simultaneously laying out a life I want to be proud of in the future. Just some thoughts from my current mind set :)

Simple Things that made me grateful:

  • Sleeping in. I haven’t been getting up early, but I have been getting shit done once I get up. Just listening to my body whenever I can.

  • Fights with Chris. Yep, this made me grateful. When we fight it’s usually pretty quick, to the point, and then done. Yes we yell, but then we move on. I like that.

  • Nature. I just really like nature. Being immersed in it every day is doing wonders for my soul.

  • MTV’s The Challenge. Every Tuesday.

  • Side planks. I actually did some tonight!

I think that’s it. We are about to eat some spaghetti squash and work on my third (?) glass of wine.

Simple shit.

weekend road trip: texas & oklahoma

weekend road trip: texas & oklahoma

patience & persistence

patience & persistence