weekend road trip: texas & oklahoma

weekend road trip: texas & oklahoma

Chris and I love road trips. Friends getting married in Nashville? Road trip. Visiting parents in Iowa? Road trip. Montana to visit Grandma? You guessed it - road trip.

Yes we could fly and it would be quicker, and sometimes cheaper; but then you don’t get to see all of the landscapes change from state to state, you don’t get to see the sun set in a new place, and you don’t get to bring the pups. So if we are going somewhere new, we typically aim to add a couple days onto the visit and just drive there.

Chris’ uncle has a hand full of quarter horses that we have taken quite a liking to, so when he asked us to go to Oklahoma to pick up a couple more, we saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the trade, and - you guessed it - make a little road trip out of it.

We decided to make the 6 hour trip to Amarillo, TX Friday night, stop and hike in Palo Alto Canyon on Saturday, drive another three hours to Oklahoma and camp in the Wichita Wildlife Reserve Saturday night. Then all we would have to do is wake up early Sunday morning, drive half an hour to Snyder, OK to pick up the horses followed by a 9 hour drive home.


We stuck MOSTLY to the plan. A hotel night in Amarillo (with the best night of sleep I have had in a long time) turned into lounging in bed until 11 am eating left over pizza and just hanging out. It was glorious. We decided the food scene was worth skipping if it meant we could get to the Canyon by 1. So we checked out and headed to Palo Duro for a quick hike.

Monster bugs aside, it was beautiful. When we got back to the truck it only seemed fitting to grab a couple buckets from the trailer, crack open a beer, and just hang out. Which we did. The best moments are the ones you don’t plan, and this held true while we just enjoyed each others company and laughed over all the small things we find entertaining.


We were tired after the canyon and another 3 hour drive, so we booked another hotel and the cotton field sunset outside our window was mesmerizing. Thank You again, for small unplanned moments.

One more sleep, and a half hour drive later we loaded these cute little guys into the trailer and headed back to Colorado. I gotta tell ya, I’m a small town girl, but there were a couple of towns on the edge of OK and TX that I could not find anything positive about. Stray dogs, run down main streets, and just a lot of … lifelessness. Maybe one day I will see these areas in a different light, and I am open to that. But for now, I just pray those pups found something to eat, and that maybe there was more life beyond the highway we were on.


One weekend, lots of memories, and good old fashioned going with the flow. I think that’s what our Simple Things life is all about. :)

walk before you fly...and crawl before you walk

walk before you fly...and crawl before you walk