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Positive Affirmations

Most bloggers have been posting all the New Year tried and trues: reflections, highs and lows, goals for the upcoming year etc. etc. While I do have goals for this year, and while I appreciate their candor (as I have read and enjoyed all my favorite bloggers thoughts on the matter) I think I will keep my own resolutions to myself this go around. Not that any of it is too personal, but I’d rather talk about the things I am already doing. One of these things being a reintroduction of positive affirmations.

Christmas at the Cabin

I have a lot to get done today, but I couldn’t help opening up my laptop to add a Christmas post. Here I am, sitting in front of the fire, Glady to my right, Rico to my left. The snow is falling in waves outside, and Chris just put a Classic Christmas playlist on Spotify. It’s 10 am and after sleeping in a little, letting the dogs out, and planning our weekend out over coffee and cookies, I have to stop and really take it all in.


Okay, but for real. Not only is the above true, but I am also loving a little discipline with my workout regimen, along with our current morning chores.  I get it, chores are more fun when they aren't your day-to-day, and it's all new and stuff...BUT after a year of traveling, and bouncing from interest to interest, a little routine and discipline is proving to go a long ways. 

i'm a mess

Just a normal day around here. Still dragging from the weekend, but I found a handful of things to be grateful for...and at the top of that list is OXICLEAN. Seriously. Nerding out over how this product never seems to fail me.